EPIC Bitcoin NEWS!? NFT Millionaires?! - April Crypto News

There’s a new Bitcoin miner on the way, a 13-year old just became a multimillionaire with NFTs, and billions of dollars is being invested into cryptocurrency?! Today we have some crazy crypto news! Subscribe to VoskCoin for the best crypto content! http://voskco.in/Sub

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Bitcoin just had a huge boost for public adoption, and MicroBT are releasing new Bitcoin (BTC) miners that are more efficient than ever! Is it time to be bullish on Bitcoin again?! NFTs are still making people millions of dollars, and coins tied to NFT collections are becoming top 50 cryptocurrencies! Crypto is growing faster than ever, with funding flooding the market, mining growing faster than ever, and people earning insane passive income on all types of crypto projects and coins!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 NFT making millionaires and new miners launched
01:31 New Bitcoin miners launched!
03:06 Bitcoin vs Ethereum
04:12 Buy with crypto without KYC
05:35 EU blocks crypto services to Russia
06:25 Binance US raises $200 Million in funding
07:37 Elon Musk purchases Twitter shares
08:20 Crypto bridge Wormhole $2.5 billion private sale
08:33 China’s mining ban & US Impact
13:10 13 year old NFT Millionaire!
15:18 Best place to buy NFTs
18:19 NFT collections dropping their own tokens
20:26 Update on Bitcoin Mining stocks
21:59 Helium mining update and new Helium miners

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EPIC Bitcoin NEWS!? NFT Millionaires?! - April Crypto News