ETC - Why do people still mine it


I have mined a bit of ETC, found it profitable over RVN for my hardware, but I stopped and went back to RVN because I wasn’t aware at least from my research you cannot swap it? now I know and understand the 51% attacks, did my research only after I mined for a few weeks. So my question is for those who still mine ETC, is there something I am missing for trading it? or is this a mine and HODL until exchanges allow ETC exchange again.


I mine ETH because it is still the most profitable for my rigs. Of course, then it is automatically converted to BTC by Nicehash. Currently my 3 rigs are mining $60-$7.00 power a day. For the next 6 months i believe it will stay consistant. Also keep in mind that miners dont just mine ETH as much as share in the fees that come from all sorts of network moving of funds around. Eventually, i will have to move to something else, or sell off my equipment.

Thanks for your reply, I now do the same on nicehash. My average is $10 a day due to 3 RTX 3080 cards and 6 1660 TI cards (2 of which I just picked up yesterday). But my question was ETC not ETH.
when I first started I got into ETC because it accumulated faster but then when I went to trade it for ETH no exchange allowed it. So this is when I switched to nicehash, but I still have 30 ETC I cannot sell and was just curious why people still mine a coin you cannot trade.

oh, my bad. i didn’t notice the ETC. i would say many are still hopeful lol scroll down all the way, at the bottom left you can see all exchanges that do still exchange ETC
you could also use wallets like Exodus and ZelCore and do the exchange directly from the wallet