ETCMC initial thoughts and Node coupon code

Recently I have gotten ETCMC nodes in to review, honestly pretty impressed with the ease of use, and I absolutely love the tiny PC aspect of it with the mini monitor and keyboard. It really is an easy and plug and play cryptocurrency node experience.
You can order one here - ETCMC STORE — ETCMC use code VOSKCOIN to save some coin

I’m working on a dedicated video review, and some updates to report on long-term performance and node profitability, but so far it has been a fun way to diversify.


My new gaming setup.

Fun thing first full node I have ever run. Btw crazy stat for ya , 95%! of all ETC nodes are running the ETCMC geth client :


I was running the BESU client for a while it took about 5 days for it to sync. Besu was only seeing about 7etcpow a day. When I swapped it to Geth client I’m seeing 13-15 etcpow a day. Beyond that Besu transactions show as hexidecimal code. Geth is easier to identify on the fly.

Edit: (Add) The Geth did nothing wrong it was all Tali’s fathers fault! IYKYK

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the current pay rate is 8.4 ETCPOW per day which took place midnight new years eve which was included the mandatory 1.2.3 spiral fork prep update.


You are correct. I looked through my time stamped screen shots for reference, and just missed a day. Sorry for the bad info.

And it will drop to 20% from original 100% if this team can keep this going, they sold licence too cheap and gave too much revenue to node holders and now they are trying to save this project. Hopefully not too late.

what would have been the correct node cost and reward distribution then?

too many people have criticisms without proposed solutions lol

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i’m making 0 and i’m happy lol, this stud knows how to make exciting reviews

Hello, where I can find a profitability of node ?