ETH 2.0 testnet

So just read this article:

Do we know yet how people will stake their 32 ETH?
Do we think this will be home node worthy or VPS?

Anyone got better details and articles?


What are everyone’s thoughts on ETH going to PoS, like or hate?

If Vitalik suggests we look into it then you can bet it’s a pretty smart idea. I personally don’t like the concept of fee based rewards. Or the concept of such a costly stake. That removes much of the targeted users. Young ones who cannot afford a 5 thousand dollar investment. The rumors have killed it before any real action has even taken place. But it will rise from the ashes.

PoS for a financial network is not for me. Finance needs the security of PoW

Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you have to convert your eth tokens to eth2 tokens to stake them?

To convert to PoS, would they have to hard fork to another coin, and keep both networks like ETC, or is it even possible from a perspective point of view that they could just hook up the ETH blockchain to the back of an ETH2 chain, and disable the current network? If they have to hard fork, I think that the ETH2 network wouldn’t be as successful, and that the current ETH network would stay where it is, as I see it.

I wanted to bump this topic and ask Vosk what would you mine with your Radeon VII’s if Ethereum was no longer profitable or even mineable? Would that still be a good GPU to mine with? I guess with the massive on board VRAM they will always be relevant.

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I need to refresh myself on a lot of this but things I want to know / will into are

is 32 ETH finalized?
Is there a realistic date for PoS yet? is PoS 100%?
Will there be a hybrid period of PoS/PoW?

Sadly ProgPoW seems impossible on ETH, which has had such a huge and thus weird, level of opposition…

Whats the % earned when staking? Have they considered any sort of tiers for staking? ex. 3.2 ETH and 320 ETH?

In regards to your question @rml52 on if its home node worthy or VPS, I think any node could be ran out of your house – it’s just a matter of if you know how and want to set this up – oftentimes for $5 a month its not worth the time or hassle or setup expense — GRANTED, I think running your own @ home cryptocurrency nodes is simply awesome

@MeatyMouse As far as mining options, at this point either what is profitable, or a coin you like. I’d need to refresh on the best coins suited for the VII currently, off the top of my hand Zcoin XZC comes to mind, as it was a profitable coin to mine when I had my VII & is still on the same Merkle Tree Proof’s MTP mining algorithm.


PoS is certain, but at first it will be alongside PoW. Phase0 will be here this year, you can start staking then. In order to stake you have to convert and lockup your 32ETH in a one way transfer.

I dont know much more, I’m trying to connect some of the Ethereum 2.0 Bobbleheads with the mining community but they fucking hate miners.

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can’t decide…but either way I feel like it’ll be interesting to see exactly what’s going to happen. I’m a little nervous but nothing to get my feathers ruffled over. just happy to be here