ETH Asic mining?

So here’s a question, I’m researching to start mining and it def seems that ETH mining is where the best money is and their miners seem to use less power but with the 2.0 change over looming is it a smart idea to buy an ETH miner at this point or smarter to work on Bitcoin and script miners? It seems I could get an ASIC ETH miner and break even in a year but then if it goes to 2.0 it couldn’t mine ETH anymore and what kind of future profit is there in using it on other coins it can mine?

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If you are thinking of mining ETH, GPU’s is the way to go as if ETH goes to 2.0 (not sure if they actually go-live with it in July-2022), alteast you can then start mining some other ALT coins even though the difficulty will be enormous as every ETH GPU miner will be moving on different coins at that point in time.

BTC is the king of coins and if you are okay with noise levels in your home and power consumption, it’s the way to go. Goldshell has some good boxes but overly priced and the price is just nuts and it hard to get hold of a box.

Yea, not sure if I want to get into the setup of GPUs, will probably just start some bitcoin asics and maybe some script boxes for doge) litecoin. I’m gonna put up some shelves in the garage so the noise shouldn’t be too much of an issue… the gold boxes look good but yea, the aftermarket prices on them are rediculous…

Maybe just start with asic and and then play around with a GPU setup for fun and see where that goes, I don’t mind diversifying once I get started

I started with ASIC boxes (3 boxes - CK, ST, KD) first but I didn’t predict KDA boxes to go over the roof and just when it was about to, I put my money into GPU mining buying 3080’s for my rig so didn’t have money to buy more KD boxes in time. Anyway happy mining and welcome. Most of the time we loose something to gain experience and I think I have slowly but surely started somewhere.

Thanks for the input! Looking forward to it! I’ve got some $$ available to start with some good boxes but I think I’m gonna pick up a few smaller boxes to learn on, would rather make mistakes on less money, lol, then pick up some bigger ticket items once I get things going and know a bit more of what I’m doing!

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