ETH Miner Z8 550MH ETH AND Innosilicion A10 PRO+ 720MH/S

Alibaba is a well-known website to buy from
Can Someone please confirm that this is not a scam?

Innosilicon mining EtHash algorithm a10pro+ 720M 6G miner

Brand New ETH Miner Digital Z8 550M 1400W Ethereum ASIC Mining Machine

z8 is just 9 3060ti boards slapped together. I talked to real apexto about them but unless you buy 50+ price is not what is shown. Response you get is prices change daily due to changing cost of eth. Last quote I got was for $5800 for z8. same deal with a10. prices are never the same as what is listed. With Alibaba only buy from long time members with reviews, showing how many transaction and total sales amounts. Have never been scammed doing that. Also pay through alibaba, the credit card fee is well worth it.