ETH Proxy Solo Mining?

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I’ve built a 6x 5700xt rig, currently mining using Simple Mining PhoenixMiner 5.1c, pointed to Ethermine, reporting 302.13Mh/s, averaging 291.07 actual. Alex Cobb has been hitting blocks solo mining using an ETH proxy server. I tried to look here to see if anyone was doing that but didn’t see it. He estimated a 300Mh/s rig could hit 1-2 blocks per month, right now I’m getting about .5 ETH in payouts a month. Especially with the sunset of ETH mining imminent, it’d be nice to clear actual blocks! Anyone try ETH proxy mining? Any insights into it? Is it even possible to do it with Simple Mining? Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

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From the looks of his video he is using 12 GH/s + pointed to his proxy. That is something to keep in mind is the hash rate he is using to hit those blocks. With that being said I do see there being advantages to using the proxy to solo mine to. I have spoke with him and he has helped me set up a proxy. We have been able to set up ETC, ETH SOLO as well as ETC, ETH STANDARD mining.