Eth reward has dropped

hi can any one explain how the eth reward has dropped on what to mine but the price has risen? Is it because more people are mining it?

My example

I checked on Thursday the eth return on four rx5700 and it was returning a estimated yearly return of 12 eth and about 1 a month (which I was shocked about lol)

I have checked today and it has dropped to around 8 eth a year. I understand its estimated but thats quite a drop. Have I done some thing wrong. Ot is it because more people are mining eth because the price is high?

My input in to what to mine.

MHs = 204 ( 51×4 )

Power = 850 ( 600 for 4 cards + 250 for motherboard )

Screenshots where from thursday

Here is todays returns

The block reward is always 2 ETH plus fees. In the last few days, fees shot up and have since came back closer to normal.


Awesome thanks i wonder what made the fees go up?

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@Cryptominerdevon smart contracts and DeFi and the price of gas to send ETH IMO