ETH saying I'll make negative compared to ETC? + some questions

I went on cryptocompare and whattomine…

On whattomine I put in 29.95 MH/s and and 170.5 watts for Ethash, using the scenario that I would mine with a 1660 super with its wattage at 80.5 along with the estimated wattage of other parts which would be 90, so 170.5. Electricity speed was set to .16 and the calculations showed that I would make .59 on ETH and .68 on ETC.

…but when I head on over to cryptocompare I put in the same settings and it says that I will make negative $-0.10 per month while on the ETC tab on cryptocompare it says I will make $0.65 a day.

So does this mean I’m going to make negative? I have two sites telling me the opposite…

Also, is the 1660 worth buying to mine? I want to pair it to a 1060 6gb that I currently already have which makes like $0.40 after electricity costs per day. Are there any other GPU’s that I should get instead that would ROI faster?

btw -> (electricity for me is .16)

Try mining them instead of just reading online mining profitability calculators.

As far as the 1660 super goes for mining…


It is the legend himself :open_mouth:

…I have watched it twice, but I have decided to start off with the 5700XT, I have ordered it along with other parts and I am now waiting. :smiley:

dont trust what its show as some show yesterday and today i shut earn 15usd but in real earn just 7.10usd, what to mind show estimated earning in real depends of your share value and pool luck if pool not luck your earnings possible negative if pool luck your earnings will be as show estimated if pool very lucky your earnings can be 10-40% of showed estimated earnings. also its depend of coin price and other facts

hey, why did you stop gpu mining?

no profit to mining. for 6x rig i pay bill 103eur profit 34eur, eth dropping down every day last my mining estimated profit 23eur not worst at all to mining if you cant get over 50eur per month to mining just for couple eur not worst as same amount ivested in staking i get same profit without pay bill if not touching profit for 6month or longer you can get 10x bigger profit

for example i spend 1000usd for miner and buy some 6x cards i will earn around 30-50usd per month exactly same 1000 invest to staking i get same amount profit after pay el bill like 10-20usd per month or less. plus if you dont touch profit but leave profit to staking etch month you will earn bigger profit as you have more coins. gpu mining have to many factors to down your profit. staking only coin price if price going up you get more more your earnings on staking every day is same dont mater price up or down. only if you dont touch profit every day you get more coins and more profit next day

good luck, hope your stake doesn’t crash. im sticking to gpu mining, it’s steady.

not really steady i wanna see how will be after eth shut down :wink: staking is steady already a 1 year i staking without any trouble

i wanna see how will be steady your profit when eth cut reward from 2eth to 0.5eth. plus defi make unstable and non usable eth with high transaction fees

What and where are you staking?
I just started with ADA last night.

still profit lol

im staking 2 nodes nrg first node 5000nrg second 2000nrg

if it drops to 0.5 your earning drop 75% down no more profit

eth will mini g only why need more coins for staking

mine other coins

you dont have any coin profitable right now :smiley: all coins going to negative profit

its positive for me

You can check any coin is not profitable right now if you stop mining eth you dont have what to mining

also dont forget after eth shut down all miners move to other coin will increasing hash ratio and difficulty result coins more going down