Eth1 and Eth2 - merge happening sooner than we think?

Hi folks,

First post here, hopefully this isnt a repost of anything but listened twice to a podcast by Consensys product owner Ben Edgington last night (heavily involved in Beaconchain eth2.0), TLDR is that given the issues around miners protesting EIP1559 there is a push to get Proof of Stake rolled out sooner rather than later. Tehnically, they sneaked out an update a week or two ago, that now allows them to look at “docking” eth1 to eth2, which means it can be delivered before sharding “bringing it forward in the timetable”. :frowning:
Give the podcast a listen, I think they are using any rebellion by miners as an excuse to push it forward.

Just wondering if youd fancy doing a video on it mr Vosk, if you have anything to add?