Ethereum f2pool

Just switched to f2pool from ethermine and i find it better. no stales at all in the past 6 hours as opposed to at least 4 per hour at ethermine. just wondering if anyone has had any negative experiences with them?


I had never any issues with F2Pool, quite the opposite. I bought a used Antminer E3 in Jan (extremely cheap), knowing that it may brick in April or May. But unlike any other pool, F2Pool still supports it (hopefully until Oct. when the DAG will mean the end). They never missed a single payment and the service is excellent. There was one instance where their US server wasn’t available for a few hours, but they solved it quickly. The only other pool I could recommend aside F2pool is MiningPoolHub, their payout seams slightly higher sometimes. But MiningPoolHub no longer supports the E3, that’s why I moved my GPU’s and the E3 to F2pool in April and never looked back. Hope that helps.


I have only had good experiences with F2Pool.

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No problems here…

So I just switched to f2pool from ethermine due to large numbers if stale shares. Now that I’m on f2pool I’m noticing something though. The number of shares I find has drastically decreased. My 5700XT rig with 8 cards found, on average, 350-400 shares an hour on ethermine. On F2pool I find maybe 150 if I’m lucky. Is it just because of the difference in pool sizes?

The share difficulty on f2pool is higher than ethermine so that is normal. The share difficulty is always 4000MH on ethermine but shares are over 8000MH on f2pool so you will get less than half the shares for the same hashrate. It has been a while since I tried f2pool so they may be variable difficulty and get even higher than that on some rigs.