Ethereum Index Funds?

Hi gang,

I’m a long time viewer of Vosk on YT, just recently decided to create an account and start some discussions!

Videos like this make me extremely bullish on the ETH scene, and these videos always inspire me to look around to find the next ‘gem’. I came across this new company, backed by Craft Ventures (a well-respected crypto VC), called TokenSets.

TokenSets is a smart-contract-based asset management host of sorts, allowing anyone the ability to create funds based on their own criteria and methodologies. Per their website: “Use Set’s battle-tested asset management tools and infrastructure to easily manage your crypto portfolios”

After perusing around on TokenSets, and analyzing the featured Sets- I found this new index fund called Arkenstone DeFi Index Fund. Arkenstone Capital runs this fund, their website can be found here- what draws me the most to this Set is their ability to reduce the complexity of the DeFi market, providing broadly diversified exposure to the cornerstone platforms of the DeFi market. As a Boglehead investor, any ability to reduce volatility is a win in my book.

I believe the DeFi market is going to skyrocket in the coming years, just recently the market grew to just over $100 billion (read more here on CoinDesk). It’s not crazy to think that AuM for crypto-based index funds will grow dramatically as more investors seek easier vehicles to park their money. DeFi will be the next step after Bitcoin and Ethereum. I believe that Arkenstone is well equipped to capture that demand, and I wanted to backtest my theory with this forum.

More information on Crypto Indices:
Even more information on Crypto Indices:

So what do you all think, would you invest in ADIF?