Ethereum is going to $2,000+ PER ETH in 2021 -- Here's Why! 🤑

Ethereum is incredibly undervalued in the current Bitcoin crypto bull market, and is on track to more than double in price hitting new all-time highs and trading well over $2,000 per Ether – Here’s why though!
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Ethereum mining is DOOMED if this happens

Bitcoin has more than doubled previous BTC all-time highs, and Ethereum has not even traded at its previous all-time high price and yet Ethereum is more valuable than ever before! Ethereum along with many other cryptocurrencies and altcoins are lagging behind Bitcoin in price movement. Altcoins lag behind Bitcoin in every crypto bull market and many people including myself are thinking that Ethereum going to $2,000 plus per ETH is one of the easiest investments in our lifetimes. It’s simple, the Ethereum 2021 price prediction is that Ethereum will trade at over $2,000 per ETH especially since crypto investors can earn passive income staking Ethereum on 2.0 or many other apps and services offering ETH returns!

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0:00 Ethereum 2021 price prediction
1:31 Why I’ve invested thousands into Ethereum!
2:27 DeFi and high ETH gas prices
3:20 Decentralized Exchanges like Uniswap
4:58 Trade Bitcoin with PrimeXBT
5:26 Fundamental Analysis of Ethereum
8:15 Ethereum 2.0 & EIP-1559 = bullish
10:25 Ethereum is extremely undervalued!
11:31 Ethereum will trade at over $2,000 per ETH in 2021

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Ethereum to $2,000 per coin in 2021 price prediction!