Ethereum prediction on VC

Hay Vosk I think eth is going to $800.00.

It can go to zero for all I care. There are better coins to mine, that actually support the miners. FIRO is now not one of them. Ruben Yap screwed up on that one… More money for his centralisation mates.

well, it can go up or down. no one knows the future. Invest in something that you have strong conviction and don’t follow the crowd.

POS may make it more susceptible to hacks, but the creator said they would just freeze the money if it happened, so we’re all safe with ETH. Of course a subpoena can lock your money as well.
Won’t the evolution of KDA be a threat to ETH.
ETH is layered on top of other coins for functionality, the more vulnerable ETH gets the less other cryptos will want to lay in the same bed with it.
The only people I see hyping ETH are the ones already heavily staked in it, so POS definitely makes sense from their perspective.

People are only interested in projects where their money is. Kda is no different than any other project. Nothing special no matter what others say. Every project that was marketed by rich individuals in the past looked like a diamond in the sand when they began.

Kda hasn’t even been tested by the mass nor is it being marketed by rich companies other than a youtuber who claim that kda is the best thing to exist since sliced bread. I’d say only put in what you’re willing to lose and put the rest in btc

I’m referring to one of voskcoin videos talking about a person predicting eth values always being off by “one zero”. That eth could go to $8,000.00 or $800.00.

Hey! I know this thread is pretty old, but I wanted to chime in and say that Ethereum has taken off since then. It’s been an exciting journey with lots of developments and new projects. By the way, have you heard about Ethereum Code? It’s an AI trading instrument that’s been getting a lot of attention in the crypto community. Just thought I’d share in case you’re interested. Let’s keep this thread updated.

ETH’s current price is 1,830.24 US Dollars.

All crypo currencies are at a deep discount right now. $1000 would imply another crypto crash. Personally I don’t think that is going to happen. I would get in now. (which I am)

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