Evergreen Miner Question

Hey Drew, or really anyone that can answer. The Evergreen miner that you are talking about seems awesome. I have watched all the videos and am pretty pumped about it but I have a question. What is stopping Bitmain or Goldshell from mass producing a more efficient miner that wrecks the Evergreen miners? Is it just a chance we have to be willing to make? Is it based more off of the memory than computational power? Either way, Im down to support the Vosk channel and buy a special edition one. I appreciate the work brotha! Keep it up!

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Already happen in a way,

But read up on GPU plotting and farming with the new compressed plots here,

I would not buy the current EvergreenMiner Hub. Wait for them to release a better version that fully supports compressed plots.

Current version is only a 1 GB Raspberry Pi 4 and the cooling of it is not ideal as it just recirculates air inside the shell. No direct cold air intake or hot air outtake…

Just my constructive criticism of the current Evergreen Miner. Don’t get me wrong, I like what Evergreen is doing. Just need to improve current hub to better handle the GPU farming and compressed plot future.


Thanks! I appreciate the info!!

After reading this it would almost seem that its only a matter of time before Asics take over the game if its a computational power race. :confused:

It won’t… good read here,


I created a blog post on this a few days ago. The Chia miner is awesome. I have had 3 setup for a few months now.


awesome article man! shared it on our social media

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Thanks man! Really appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed the article!

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Highly recommend considering compressed plots and GPU farming before purchasing the current Evergreen model. This stuff is right around the corner and Evergreen will eventually be releasing an updated Hub to take advantage of all this new and improved plots.

Is it worth waiting for a better Chia miner/farmer? Or buy now and start farming sooner? Current wait times is 4+ weeks out if you Order today…

Everyone will have to decide this for themselves…

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