EVGA Rig - Is it a fair price?

I’m looking to get my first rig and ran across this one for sale near me. I know very little about mining rigs so hoping to get some guidance from this community on if $1,050 is a fair price for the system below. If not, what would be a fair offer?

6 x EVGA GeForce 1060 6GB Video Cards
EVGA P2 or G2 850W 80+ Fully Modular Power Supply
ASRock BTC Motherboard
Celeron CPU
4GB Ram
16GB SSD Solid State Drive
6 GPU Aluminum Stackable Open Air Frame Case
Risers and all cabling
Currently running SimpleMining (SMOS) or Hive OS.

I appreciate any help!

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the problem with pre assembled rigs is that the only ones for sale almost always come with outdates GPU’s, I do think you will come out cheaper going the pre made route I just think you will be unhappy with the performance and want to upgrade the GPU’s down the road.

I appreciate the reply! I’m new to this and not sure of the best way to enter (used or new) at the best cost vs. return as possible. Any suggestions on something in the $800-$1200 range that would be a good rig. Also, what’s the best software to consider?

Thanks again!

I think getting the pre built rig would be fine as long as it works as it should and if not your are able to do a little trouble shooting. Also do you think you would be comfortable reselling the rig? If so I would get it and use it as my education find out if mining is for me or not. I think it is not a bad way to go at all. You can see if the extra heat produced and electricity used is manageable for you and other things you do not think about when considering if mining will work for you. If all goes well and you want to upgrade to better GPU’s you can just try to sell the rig for what you paid for it.

That’s my thoughts as well. I am looking at a few of them at the moment. Thanks for the input!

I was looking at those cards on what to mine also and it looks like they are super lower power which will make the rig hopefully cooler and quieter too so might not be too bad

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One thing to do is look for comparable components and their pricing. You can check used items on E-bay and see what they’re selling for on average.

There’s also ROI to consider… 6x 1060’s at $.10 kwH would make about $40 a month per the current NiceHash estimates. It depends on your electric rate, but are you fine with an estimated 2 years to make your investment back? (assuming things stay the same, which they probably won’t).

Overall, from what I’ve seen, pre-built can be a decent deal, since people are trying to get rid of their rigs. Does that price include shipping? It seems fair from what I’ve seen.

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Appreciate the reply! I’ve been watching lots of videos and reading trying to determine what kind of profitability I could expect and which coins would be the best to mine. The rig is located about 2 hours from me so it would make sense for me to drive over and pick it up, if that’s the one I decide to go with. I’m going to keep looking and see if anything else comes up.

Get the to send you a screenshot of the miner in action, mining speed, power consumption, temperatures and such.

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Good idea. I will see if he will send me that.

One of the major benefits of getting a pre assembled rig might as well try to take advantage of it

Are you getting a FAIR price? YES, while neither paying too much nor too little you are getting a fair price. You mention a 2 hr drive to pick it up. That would be equivalent to about $30 in gas or so.
For a beginner, these lower power cards are a good start (know their limitations). This is USED equipment and as such you are not getting a REAL bargain, just a FAIR deal. The original boxes for the video cards would be nice should you decide to sell them. People like to buy video cards and power supplies in the original boxes. Heck, they sell the boxes for over $20 on eBay.
With this RIG, you’ll get to know other Operating Systems besides Windows, another plus for newbies.
Good Luck with whichever RIG you decide upon, find a good coin to mine, a good wallet, exchange, and WELCOME to CRYPTO.

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