Exchange suggestion

Just got my Bobcat 300 today. Very excited to get this bad boy up and bringing in the dough. I use Atomic wallet. Can anyone suggest an exchange for ease of use. Thx

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KuCoin exchange supports KDA

Hi, I have XRP, ADA,Doge,SHIB and ETH. I have used trust wallet to acquire XRP. Since I just got the Bobcat 300 today. Will do the setup tomorrow. I plan to go live tomorrow after work. Have purchased the DOGE on Robinhood. How does KUCOIN stack up against COINBASE? I am a complete newbie. I want a good level of security and like all others a low cost per transaction. Thanks for the response

KuCoin and Coinbase are exchanges. If you are looking for security you need a wallet like your trust wallet or coinomi……use the exchange of your choice to swap tokens for the ones you want and then store in your own wallet. You may want a hardware wallet if you are serious about security.