Exmo Cryptocurrencies Exchange and EXM Token Review!

Exmo is a cryptocurrency exchange fully regulated in Europe and they launched their own EXM token that has many benefits including saving on fees, early access to trading tokens, and voting!
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Exmo one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in EU - https://voskco.in/exm0
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Exmo claims to be one of the largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe, with almost 200 trading pairs and well over 2000 Bitcoins in daily trading volume we can see why. In a cryptocurrency bullrun it is very valuable to be registered on as many crypto exchanges as possible, but what makes Exmo worth trading on? Exmo launched their own token, the EXM token, it allows users early-access trading to new listings with an EXM pairing, cashback on exchange fees thus saving the user money, among other things as well as allowing holders to vote on the next crypto for their exchange to list! Let’s review Exmo exchange and the EXM token!

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0:00 This crypto exchange has its own token?! Exmo Exchange review
2:45 Please be careful of scammers and spam comments!
3:13 Getting started with the Exmo Cryptocurrency Exchange
6:32 Trading on the Exmo Exchange
8:02 Cashback crypto program
8:28 Buying crypto on Exmo is really easy!
9:23 Referral programs as marketing
10:30 VIP clients and OTC trading
11:11 Exmo has their own token - EXM review
14:41 The Exmo team & job listings
15:35 Exmo Exchange Review - is Exmo exchange a scam?

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Exmo crypto exchange review 2021