Expanding mining farm...ASIC or GPU?

Good evening everyone, occasional lurker here looking for some intelligent discussion. To preface this post, I have a small mining operation consisting of a five GPU rig, and a 157TiB hard drive mining setup farming Chia. I am considering investing about $30k in expanding my mining operation, and am considering a mix of ASIC miners and GPU rigs. I have no experience with ASIC miners, but want to diversify to reduce exposure to multiple risks for GPU mining that I see coming in the near future (increase in GPU availability 2022, ETH v2.0, rising electric costs, etc). A question I would like to pose to the community here is, what mix of ASIC models and GPU rigs would you suggest, and why?

To give a little background on myself, I started mining LTC when it was $18, and I really don’t even remember what year it was. Yeah, I gave up after mining a couple LTC…one of those “life’s greatest regrets” stories…lol. I returned to the scene in 2017 or so and built a 1080ti rig that I used to mine every useless new coin imaginable. At one point, I had around $15k in coins that I cashed out for around $2k after everything crashed in 2018. Again, I was foolish and sold the rig for peanuts. In 2019, I started mining with my 1080 in my gaming rig, and have slowly used the proceeds to build the rigs I now have. I currently have these rigs in my shop with 240v 30a service that I can upgrade if needed. I also have two server racks with 240v PDU’s as well as five empty 4u servers that I was planning on converting into GPU miners. I have two servers in one of the racks hosting my 18 hard drives for Chia farming. Originally I planned on building all GPU rigs, but have since invested in HD farming, liquidity pools, and staking to help diversify. Again I would ask, what mix of ASIC models and GPU rigs would you suggest, and why?

Thanks in advance for the discussion everyone.

Residential, commercial, or industrial electric bill. Do you have solar, battery, or wind turbines?

Thanks for the reply Two_Tribes, I have a residential service and currently pay $0.085 kw/h (probably slightly more with all of the taxes and fees) once I use enough electric to get into the higher tier. I do not have any alternative energy, although I plan on investing in solar as I have a two acre open field and live in the southern US with plenty of sun exposure.

I have solar, and a battery residential. I should have filled my roof and added an extra battery. I should have went all in on an BTC ASIC. I would have paid it all off and gained profit with the rise in BTC easily. Moving forward, I will do that as well as a small turbine and reap the tax incentive for the following year as well as the solar additions