Experiences with NFTs

So since I started in the NFT community I’ve been slowly adding to my collection and wanted to charge my experiences and see how it compares to everyone else’s. I want to learn as much as possible. So to start I minted 5 NFTs from Shoeuzi with Sol. I loved how easy it was to purchase and the fees were nothing compared to ETH drops. I’m still learning how the Sol ecosystem works but so far it’s been good besides the network going down or whatever’s going on. Then I minted a ETH NFT from The Ape Project and was able to stake it before a giant problem occurred with their drop because a developer they hired ended up stealing their money. It was crazy. But luckily they’re replacing our current NFTs with a new one plus two months of their native token. Once I got those I began to learn about smart contracts as a couple people and myself are going to start a project. I’m excited for 2022 with NFTs and what the possibilities are. How was everyone else’s experiences been?

ETH: 0x44ED2B821a952457F98C1569f324174c50E79CD8

Sol: AjxaNfJrQsbVwuaj4FABdoC6VMgFdr6Rp8N58RuX2scS