F1 mini + algorithms

I noticed on the FPGA Mining telegram page that they were listing earnings for the F1 mini+ today. They listed the earnings for the HNS (handshake) coin.

Sure enough, I found a new filesystem and HNS algorithm on HashAltCoin.com After upgrading both and joining handshake I was able to get a wallet address and plugged it into the F1 mini+. BlackMiner has their own pools for their miners so I set the URL to mine there and send daily profits to my wallet.

I’m getting 482 MH/s on each of my four FPGA’s. Sure beats the losses I was taking fooling around with CKB mining lately.

They have TRB and DGB (odo) as well, but tuning those algorithms to earn shares was a bit tough.
If you are losing profits earning 9 cents/day before electric costs, give it a try.

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I gave up on CKB too. Same miner, same issue. Just set up Kadena wth the latest bitstream, not profitable at the current KDA price but it’s a cool project. I was thinking of mining Verus because I like the idea of 50-50 mining-staking, but I don’t know if the HashAltCoin bitstream works on the current algorithm.


They haven’t released an updated verus bitstream that I know of. It’s pretty disappointing as for a long time that was a coin I’d use the miner to just casually stash some coins away with.

Verus coin is definitely being mined by more than just CPUs because the earnings plummeted within a couple weeks of VRSC moving to their 2.1 mining algorithm

Here’s the VoskCoin video guide on mining Verus Coin VRSC 2.1 with your CPU, earnings were amazing for several days.


Thank You, I followed the instructions in this video when it was first published. I have been CPU mining for a while and picking up some casual cash and staking it. My biggest issue with CPU mining was the heat load when using most of the cores on my 7980XE. It was suggested to undervolt, but I am doing fine using 10 cores without a heat issue.

CKB is not profitable as you’ve found. I’ve tried Verus and DGB algorithms but wasn’t having success setting them up and receiving shares on several pools.

Current Solution: Download the new

filesystem: https://firmware-1256910030.cos.ap-hongkong.myqcloud.com/firmware/20200406/upgrade_altcoin_F1-MINI%2B_rootfs.tar.gz

HNS algorithm : https://firmware-1256910030.cos.ap-hongkong.myqcloud.com/firmware/202022333/upgrade_altcoin_F1-ULTRA_handshake_ship.tar.gz

Log into your FPGA’s and Configuration/Upgrade/browse-upload both files.
Here’s the results of my 4 FPGA’s:

Max error free Frequency: image

Current HashRate on BlackMiner Pool:


Making $0.42/day profit after electricity costs

Hope this helps and also, there is a new TRB algorithm out you may wish to try.

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It is now July 28th and DGB is the better performing algorithm. I use the SD version so consider buying a $4.99 Micro SD card (32gb, the smaller ones work too but this is the best cost/GB)
I use the wicscp program to copy the extracted SD version of the algorithm (free by the way). The file system can be upgraded within the URL gui.
Profit restored
I couldn’t get the non-SD version to run but the SD version works great!
Happy Mining