Fastminer Relisting Milesight?

Can anyone confirm that Fastminer just lifted the “Out of Stock” icon on the Milesight Helium miner?

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Is twitter/ store the legit location to buy from? When going to milesight website it says the USA official distributer is fastminers LTD. Which has a website

Appreciate any advice on whether twitter/ store is connected to milesight official distribution or a legit seller of milesight.

That url isn’t correct. Can you check?

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Website is . It’s legit. I did order and receive from their site. But as far as i know they are sold out now

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Corrected. Thanks

Fastminers is indeed FAST!
I ordered a Milesight miner on Thursday this week and UPS shows up at my door today Saturday! Thats Amazon Prime shipping speeds. I will buy all my miners from them if this is how they fulfill!

how did u pay, u have a tutorial, i have 700 cash and 800.00 in ethereum on coinbase, evertime i put pay on fastminers it connects to coinbase and says insufficient funds, do i need to have USDC coin to buy , and if miner cost 629 how much do i send

Yep, you have to have the USDC in your coinbase account first.
I just make sure I have $700 in usdc. The exact amount for the miner and shipping will compute automatically.