Final decision, are these parts good before I buy?

I just want to make sure the parts I want to buy are good, since it’s my first time mining…

USB Wifi :

Risers :

Asus B250 :

Frame :

Sapphire Radeon Pulse 5700XT :

EVGA 1000W GW 80+ GOLD :

Ram : (I already have: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB [I think])

CPU : (I already have: Intel Core i5-6400)

The frame + the 6 pack of risers + big power supply is basically “safe-proof” for the future to expand.

I have read about some issues with having cross platform GPU’s, but I will try to have the 5700XT on the same board as my current EVGA RTX 2070 Super + my GTX 1060 6GB, hopefully using miners such as claymore / etc which can support crossbrand gpu mining.

Are these parts good? I am ready to buy these asap.

Make sure your cpu fits the socket and is 6th or 7th gen if that b250 is a mining board

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Yep, it’s 6th gen. :smiley:

dont use wifi will be high latency can make reject shares buy long rj45 cable and plug directly to router also run mining os for your stabil mining and simple control vea phone or other pc and also will be trouble get internet on wifi with mining os


So I can’t use an Ethernet cable because the rig will be in the garage + other reasons. But, during a mining session using Wifi and my GTX 1060, I have gotten only 3 rejected shares out of 582, so I guess I will be fine. I have really good internet in my garage, if not better. Regarding a Mining OS, since I’m not that experienced I think I would rather just stay on Windows when I start off, using things like NiceHash / etc. :slight_smile:

Anyways, is the hardware that I choose a good buy? I’m looking to start mining soon. :smiley:

The hardware is overpriced in my opinion - especially the 5700, motherboard and PSU. It definitely isn’t a purchase I would make. It is compatible together is about all I can say. You are combining several known instability problems into one rig. It may be fine in the end but I would never recommend this as a first rig.


Yes the hardware is costly, but the 5700 imo is just at its normal price. The PSU I didn’t want to cheap out on, since I want it to be very efficient as well as to support power future GPU’s that I might want to add. The motherboard is probably what I did the least research on, but I just saw some reviews on it and I liked the overall quality and functionality.

By the instability problems, you mean the multi crossbrand GPU setup that I will try and go for, correct?
If so, yes I am aware of that. Future plans is with the profit I make, -> start another rig and separate AMD and Nvidia. If I have instability issues right off the bat and I can’t fix it, then I will just use another motherboard along with smaller power supply and etc that I can power the RTX or GTX on and mine from there, (old motherboard is from previous pc).

If there are any other instability problems that are different, please tell me, it helps so much.
Thank you :smiley:

I agree that the prices on those parts seems a little high (at least, you can get a used PSU and MB cheaper than that hopefully) :confused: You might be able to find better deals with a little more patience or digging. The parts themselves are fine from what I can tell.

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Yes :frowning:
I have $.16-$.19 electricity rates so for me a good PSU will help me use less energy. I have tried to look for used, but I haven’t found any PSU except for this one… but idk the difference.

For the motherboard I have found the same one selling for 76$ though NEW :slight_smile:

mining os more simple use of windows. plus no updates its mean your rig runing not stop. second it simple to control your rig without going to garage on any device including phone app.try minerstat is free for 1 rig plus it have os special for 5700. you need just burn to usb and use. for cable you cant use extenders working very link up to 100m

you see all stats of miners how much you ear how much you pay electric fallow your wattage,how many shares you done, temperature, can do test for hardware it shows you or you have any wrong settings in bios and more

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allso you can do benchmark it will show for etch coin you select actual hash rate,for example whatomine and nicehash show lower hash ratio 186mhs for 6x rx580 and lower profit fallow minerstat os i see actual 193,4mh.

watch on my minerstat dasboard day week and month profit photo made today eur convert to usd is 0.17usd per kwh will be you can covert income to usd and you will know how much you earn per month with 193mh/s at 930watt. 930watt its real reading from wall in very hot days i mean between 32-36c outside temp reading from wall is 950watt as fans 100%. at 930watt per gpu 50-52c 60% fan speed

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about psu you are not right im runing most cheap psu i get as i will not pay for brand name overpriced product im use 2x psu 750watt for 6x gpu 1x psu cost 40eur working 7month without trouble. all psu are good if you not overload and use fallow manual as etch plug have different for safe reason need leave minimum 200watt so is not point pay alot money for “perfect branded psu” as you cant run it on full load i read alot post most problems are sata fire up as is overload. i buy 6xgpu ring for 700eur brand new already it pay off im mining now in profit. if i was buy branded psu it still will be not pay off my investment. i have 5x more 12x rx580 rigs runing same 4x 40eur psu 1x psu per 3x gpu 2 month without trouble, i dont spend money for branded psu but buy 4x cheap psu and money what i shut pay for good psu i buy 2x gpu. as in my country good psu cost around 200eur so i need 400eur for 12x gpu i pay half for psu and another 200 spend for buy 2x gpu. plus for 6x gpu need 1200watt psu to run safety,3x gpu im use just 470watt per psu and around 250watt is free for my safety as on his psu have 3 wires of sata etch wire 2x sata so safety i can use etch wire sata per card. result all sata wires is cold pcie cables little warm as shut be warm

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Thank you so much for all this information!! :open_mouth:
I will message you on your profile! :slight_smile:

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Do you have to use wifi? Especially running through USB, I’d be worried about it being a point of failure. If possible I’d run some ethernet to it

Yes I basically have to use wifi. The connection though in the garage is good I would say, I have tested it before and it has gotten 3 rejected shares out of 582.

Wifi: wifi 6 is the latest thing in speed and comes in many flavors like pcie, and M.2. However, that USB model, while one of the cheapest, will work just fine.

Risers: Those are the good ones, they can handle Molex, SATA, and the one you should use, 6 pin pcie.

Motherboard: You are correct to select B250 over the H100 as you can XMP the B250 memory to DDR$ 2400. That ASUS board is good but look at the power supply connections you need. I am using this motherboard with 16GB of memory and doing fine.
Cheaper on eBay.

Frame: Same one I have … some motherboards have a VGA connector that ends up blocked by the posts of the rig. The Fintech board fits without blocking connectorss. Best price out there

GPU’s: Don’t buy these yet…$449 heck the 3070 will be $499 and outperform it a lot. Also Big Navi is coming out next month, the RX6700xt will use less power and mine much faster. Your selection is good but wait in just a month you may find much better AMD and Nvidia cards to buy for nearly the same price.

Power Supply: That’s a good one as power supplies are high priced recently. I find the EVGA 1300 g2 to have the power for many cards at a lower price especially on eBay.

RAM: good, XMP DDR4 2400 best speed

CPU: Intel, gen 6 or gen 7 only, do not try a coffee lake gen 8. The i5 6400T is a gen 6 quad core, so should work just fine.

So, wait on video cards … That motherboard wants multiple power supplies, get a gigabyte fintech or biostar mining board and get a bigger power supply, 1000w isn’t going handle 6 video cards @200w each.

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from where you get 200watt per card with tune it run 100watt per card, second 16gb ram not need, same as cpu celeron or pentum, psu you can run 3x 5700 with 750watt psu + mobo,second 750 psu another 3x gpu, stop wasting money for expensive large wattage psu if can buy less wattage for half price, in case your psu fail you able run 3x gpu until get new one, i use 2x zm-700 psu for 6x 580

For a psu. I’m running 6 cards (RX580) on an Antec 1300w and 1Rx580 on my 1200w cobra power psu. The second psu is idling pushing 1 card, but I have space for 5 more on this power supply.

@Asiukas6 your points are valid and make sense, sometimes we can only share what we learn and have experienced. I for one, don’t have space to run 4 x 700w PSU, so the 2 bigger ones make sense.

Yeah, one can also swap out an I5 for a celeron etc. But it becomes personal choice. We all here to learn. If I could afford the price of the 5700 I would buy. Its just too far for my currency conversion.