Finestra miners underperforming

I bought 15 of these miners. I have 9 currently deployed. Most have been synced for 3 to 4 weeks. Most are earning 0.001 or less a day. I have 1 freedom fi minor and it does network average or a little better. It is located not far from a couple of my Finestra miners. Yet it never seems to talk to them. Someone deployed a bobcat with a 1.2 dbi near a cluster of my miners. It did more last week then all 8 of my Finestras in the same city. A friend of mine got a Finestra back in November and his seems to be doing all right. Hes got just just laying on a ledge near his first floor window maybe 2 meters or less from the ground. Half mine are in 2nd story windows. Half on first floor windows. Yet they don’t seem to be doing much. Anyone else out there having this issue with Finestra?