First $100 mined

Pretty excited


Nice! Any idea what your power usage vs. profitability is?

if you run on miming os not windows you can get little bit more profit and less wattage or same wattage but more profit

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with coin you exchange as in your btc wallet just 15usd

you mining claymore ot phoenix?

My Radeon VIIs are running Dual Claymore and my 5500s are running Phoenix.

As far as efficiency goes, my VIIs are turning about 68% profit. The 5500s are at 63%, but they have only been running for 24hrs now.

I decided to use Nicehash Windows for now until I get everything in an almost boring cycle before playing around with other OS and direct mining. My CPU is doing about $.30 a day on Minergate and get paid in Monero. Will eventually be converting one of my rigs to go for Eth directly but I want to take baby steps.

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directly mining eth your profit going down a little bit on my rig directly mining eth i lost 20eur. and for moment is not worst mining dirrectly as fallow total mhs possible mining block in 4month,so to wait 4 month it not worst, on claymore download freedev sofware you will increase about 5usd more per month depend how much rig make shares in month last month i get 15usd just from devfee and 81usd from directly eth mining profit -26usd i move on mining os and mining on nicehash 2weeks right now i have 31usd profit

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So the direct way gives you more control and Nicehash gives more dependable income?

if you mine directly eth you have chance mining block and get 2eth reward but low profit per moth on nicehash you get high profit but no rewards as is pay you for your mhs

basically nh is renting your mhs for other pools

yes, its the boring but stable way. Eventually, I will branch out, but for now, I like the BTC steadily coming in. There is no way I’ll mine 34 Eth in that time so I’ll stick to mining bitcoin and buying Eth. I hope to have 10 eth staked on before end of year.

i do compare on my ring nhs, pools pps and ppls. so nh give per day 0.0019-0.002,pps 0.0016,ppls 0.0013eth

his is reason why i move on mining os as i get liitle bit more btc to exchange eth. ido one month save btc next month exchange to eth and saving i mining before with asic on etch in 1 year i earn 10k eur when btc going up now i do same but witch btc and eth

do not exchange btc to eth right now keep it as fallow charts btc shut bee bullrun first before eth end is reason why i keep both

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I invest money from my paycheck to buy Eth and keep all my mined BTC. I’m also mining some Monero. I will probably try a few Altcoins for speculation but right now this is what I’m doing.

how you mining manero? i cant get runing minergate it work like 1min or 20s and freezer or software just turning off. as im using mining os right now my cpu use just 5% i try run on nh manero it mining well and use just 65-80% of cpu

i mining monero on minergate with my macbook pro 2011 i7 in moth mining 3usd

I am mining in Minergate as well. I’m getting about $9 a month. Ryzen 5 3600

nice on my mining rigs no way get 9 :smiley: as i have i3 and 2 Pentium