First GPU rig miner. 7 x Rx580 8GB, questions and suggestions

Hello guys! after whatching plenty of the videos from the Youtube Channel I decided to start my first rig.
Im doing it step by step with second hand items, for the moment this is the actual setup:

  • 7 x RX580 8GB

  • Asus Z270-A motherboard

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 2 x Corsair 750W

  • Runing a NiceHash OS thru USB (time will tell me what system should I take)

After running properly for a week , I manage to get a ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ very cheap. So im thinking to get some extra GPU in order to “complete” the motherboard.

What PSU will you guys suggest me to get?

I have to say Rig is only working 8 hours a day due tue a solar panel instalation.

Thanks in advance

do those cards take 2 8 pin connectors each or one?

Im sorry, forgot to put the model of the card.

All are Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX580 8GB

Thanks for the quick response

I really like my EVGA 1300w G2 PSU, I did have to buy an extra set of power cables but it was well worth it as I am now able to have everything hooked up without any of those 6 pin to 2 8 pin splitters which I do not like because they tend to burn up over time. It also has an ECO mode which I do not use because it causes more heat than I like and I would rather use a little extra power to keep the temps lower.

If they take 2 8 pin connectors per card you might be better off with multiple PSU than one big one. Also depends on how you will power the risers, do they take 6 pin connectors or some other peripheral or SATA connection?

if you run os from usb dont forget overclock as 1300 psu will not enough power for all 13gpu. most 1300w psu have enough 8pin for 12gpu,8 riser with sata other risers you need molex adapters. if you planing runing all gpu with 1psu you need more of 1300w plus 1psu around 350-500w for motherboard and other stuff

basically you need psu for safe runing 1600w or 2 psu 850w. im use 2 psu 750w 4 cards per psu with stock gpu setting no way to run as gone power after all gpu fully load. my gpu are bios mod and undervoltage so 1 psu only 4 gpu use around 500w second 4 gpu motherboard use 650-700w not really safe to run as psu relly hot