First steps which rig to test

I’m as green as it gets with this but looking to test the water.

I’ve narrowed it down to evergreen/helium or a used S9/Bitcoin. I’ve found a used S9 for 200.00 I haven’t looked for any used helium miners yet just new.

Any advice for buying used miners?
any other rigs I should look into or stay away from?

I’ve got the extra space to start and expand with solar but I’m limited to 110v power for now.




For 479.99

Jingle Mining

iPollo V1 Mini 300MH 240W 5.8G Wi-Fi

choose the power cord WiFiConnection Application: for IDC room and home useAdvantage: Built-in fan, low power consumption, compact sizeCoin Supported: ETHW/ETF/ETCAlgorithm: ETHASH / ETCHASHRAM: Design memory-6 GB, available memory-5.8…

For 399.99

For 299.99

Belay Mining

iPollo G1 mini Grin Miner (1.2GPS)

iPollo G1 Mini Grin Miner is a great cryptocurrency mining hardware using Cuckatoo32 algorithm.

For 199.99

1 iPollo V1 mini Classic ETC 130Mh

(Also for belay mining their are coupons for 25 dollars off)


for saftey without breaking the bank go with one of @Krisz options. but if your stuck between those, if you buy the s9 your wasting your money. helium mining while you will make money, roi will be 50 years unless we do a full rebound and go above $100 hnt. evergreens roi is a little tricky. but as it stand about 3-5 years, probably one of the best cryptos if your looking for being a crypto believer without going full bitcoin.


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Also most people don’t account for the halving in March of 2024, and 2027. And also my calculator shows the ROI for that would be around 2028, and by that point the miner would mostly not work.


also i got some new unused helium miners. if you find ebay post buyitnow thats not a scam, ill sell you one of the ones i have for lets say 5% less if you send eth. i have bobcats, synchros, and nebras. us915


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