First time miner here! Having an issue with adding my 3rd GPU on my rig (HELP)

I just started my first mining farm and everything has been smooth thanks to all the good creators out there to help us, my first error happened when i got the 3rd gpu for my rig, all 3 work but i can only use 2 at a time, if i select all 3 i get an error within the mining terminal that one of the GPU ran out of ram, all 3 gpu work individually aswell!

if anyone has any advice i really appreciate it!!

Asus z390-p

2 RX 570
1 GTX 1080

1000W PSU


i also have not updated anything within the bios, so im guessing maybe i have to do something in there…

or maybe i didnt use the PCIE ports in the correct order, this is the first time i built anything CPU or Mining related!

Mining with both AMD and Nvidia cards at the same time is difficult and not all mining software’s support that. In your case you can use NBMiner and or not use the Nicehash software at all.
There are also Mainboards who don’t support the mining with AMD and Nvidia simultaneously. (I’m not sure about your ASUS, but it should be explained in the manual, whether or not it does it.
Regarding BIOS, you have to enable 4GB mining for the PCIe setting.

Possibility 1)
use Nicehash (not the Quick Miner) and select NBMiner. Disable the other miners, so they don’t do the profit switching.
Possibility 2)

  • use NBMiner directly (download here : Mining software supported by Awesome Miner )
  • extract it into a separate folder and create a RUN.bat to start the miner
  • edit the RUN.bat and include the following lines
    nbminer -a ethash -o stratum+tcp:// -u Your_Nicehash_BTC_ Address.WorkerName -p x

Let me know if you need further help.

What are your BIOS settings? WIN10 or HiveOS? You should be able to run a mixed rig without many issues.