First Time Miner - Mining Rig Won't Fully start up

For My Rig I have a

H370 Mining Master
2 1660 Ti Cards
Gamdias Cyclops Platinum 1200W Power Supply
Intel Pentium G4400, 3.3 GHZ, 3MB Cache

I am having an issue with my rig fulling booting up. When I turn on the power supply the rig immediately turns on. It throws 14 7F 00 4C 3E 32 35 45 37 18 then 00 and powers down. I have tried pressing F2, Esc, and Delete during the initialization phase but I am stumped. I think there is an issue with it not "Posting: but I am not sure. I am also wondering if I need to have installed something via flash drive to get things up and running but I am not sure if I potentially missed a step there.

Any help/advice is welcome. Thanks!


I don’t think you can use the PCIE x16 slot when you have a GPU installed in USB slot A01. Unplug one GPU and I think it will boot. Then just use the USB ports for all GPU.