First time mining, using Nicehash

I got my first used computer with with an old quad core processor and 2 GPUs in it.

1 Radeon RX 560 Series 4GB

I’m using Nicehash for a trial run to see how they run, but I’m barely making any money so far ($1.50 per day average so far). I feel I’d PROBABLY make more money if I mined crypto without using Nicehash???

Any suggestions on where to start if I wanted to mine Ethereum for instance?? I appreciate any help, don’t know what video to watch from Vosk if it’s out there

With your cards, I’d recommend NBminer and mine ETC with both AMD and Nvidia gpu’s at the same time on 1 rig, you can’t really mine ETH with a 4gb gpu unless its in zombie mode. Where as when the ETH DAG hit 4gb, the ETC DAG had a reduction and went from 4gb down to 2.6gb so 4gb cards still have till around October 22, 2025 to mine ETC, which should give you time to mine enough to upgrade to better gpu’s.

Thank you so much for your suggestion. I just got home from work and I’m researching how to do what you suggested.

Is NBminer the site or is that something to download? I’m a little nervous about just picking from a random video I saw that recommended “Minerstat”

Sorry to keep bothering you but I have a question about the setup for NBminer. They asked me for an address for a mining pool, but I’ve never used one before and I frankly don’t really know what it even is. Do you have a mining pool you could recommend for mining ETC??

I use ethermine for etc, if you download the NBminer here Release NBMiner v37.3 · NebuTech/NBMiner · GitHub use the if you are using windows

and for the address, copy and paste nbminer -a etchash -o stratum+tcp:// -u (type public address here) -log

здраствуйте есть другие монеты которые дают хороший доход

да но копать в два раза дольше

I get a payout daily, if not then twice daily. other coins like rvn yes i can get payouts alot faster but not as many wallets support them like they do etc