First time using MNTD and helium app

I just finished setting up the app to my black spot miner. Was wondering how long does it take to be recognized on the explorer and start mining? I want to make sure I did it correctly. Also, do I make the name that others can see when looking at my hotspot? If so, how do I do that?


The miners I’ve setup in the past took about a hour or two. You don’t get to chose your name unfortunately. If your hotspot isn’t up and running within 24hrs then you better start troubleshooting

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@baldguy83 I too just got my blackspot earlier this week, Monday night.
I also set up the app first then I just plugged it in and hooked up an ethernet cable and let it run.
After a day or two I was able to see the message added to blockchain was pending.
Then it spent another 2 or 3 days syncing (seemed like it was doing nothing).
Just yesterday was able to finally do the change location, and finally today I can see my hex on the app.
Just letting it sit on the table for a week and see how it goes before placing it in a better place.
Here is a pic of the activity, and time it took mine to work.

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