Flashing New Firmware To An Antminer S9: Profitable Now?

So, the S9 running on SHA-256 is pretty much bricked. Unless you have free electric, you’re probably not going to break-even trying to mine with them.

My question is, has anyone flashed new firmware (Nice Hash, etc) to an S9, put it back in service, and found it to be worth running?

You can find them in various conditions, all over the place. And, some are fairly reasonably priced. There are also a lot out there that are being sold for the price of a new one. I find that hilarious, as it’s basically a paperweight.


im runing 2x asic right now s9 nh firmware and s9k oem new firmware


  1. Where are you located?
  2. How much do you pay per kWh for electricity?
  3. Are you making a profit?
  4. How does the NH firmware compare to the OEM firmware in terms of profitability?

s9 with nh mining 1.20eur 24h,s9k with oem update mining 1.07eur 24h. not much different. different only on nh firmware you can low down wattage and get same 1.07eur with lower power usage. i compare 2x asic with 6x rx580 nitro, 2x asic in 24h mine 2.27eur at 2700watt asic cost 400eur for both, gpu rig 3.67eur 24h 920watt rig cost 600eur. so if dont have free power it not worst to mine as going alot to minus

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i have 15x s9, 4x s9k,1x s9i before wass profitable righ now no more profit. im from romania 0.12eur kwh here. it was reason why i move from asic to gpu as is no more profit i keep my asic as still it possible make money. right now im building generator to power up asic to get back online and plus same for gpu to get free power. im working already 2 weeks on his project on moment i can power up 3 gpu to using free power. soon i will post photo and video


* 2 asic and 6 gpu

I can’t believe any word of what you say, could you please develop a little bit more?

what develop?

How do you build a generator, what source needs your generator in order to generate electricity, etc etc

generator,motors, battery’s,inverters, regulators