Flexpool mines an ETH block with 83.26 Block Reward WTF

I’ve been mining ETH on flexpool.io for about a week now. I wanted to get away from boring but stable ethermine for a while. Then this happened. We mined a block (11699786) with a reward of 83.26 ETH.
How is this even possible? In your face Ethereum devs.

So much gas, lol

thats nutty someone moved 4,000 eth in in that block…

Always happens… I just mumble that I am not able to mine Ethash and some crazy rewards like this

Will be a mute spectator of this bull run :confused:

This is one of the advantages of mining on a smaller pool vs the giant ones. The rewards for a huge block like that would be a small blip in earnings for a pool like ethermine with thousands of miners sharing the reward. But a miner on flexpool, when that was mined, got a couple hundred dollars in rewards for as little as 300 MH/S, for just one block. The nice thing about flexpool is that it’s not so small that you have to wait days for a block and the pool fees are optional and can be set to zero if you wish.

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