Flux node VPS suggestions?

Having a hard time tracking down an affordable VPS to run my node. Any suggestions???

Cumulus or Nimbus ?

here you can check where others are running their nodes (providers)

Cumulus, will the ssd option work?

I didn’t realize the price would be that high. Seems like disk space is what is cause us to pick more expensive vps

At contabo you have to contact them and ask about the write speed of the SSD. That’s why I went with the NVMe version.
Both Contabo and Netcup changed their prices last weekend. It was half the price last week.
Kinda sad.

I could have sworn the prices were way lower a few weeks ago. Just getting around to setting a node up.

How is it going? What do the rewards look like?


Cumulus is technically still profitable,1k staked and the return is approx. 40 Flux (that is 4% / month). Nimbus is excellent (if you have the collateral).

FYI the SSD options did not pass benchmark. Upgrading to the one you selected.

There has to be a place that has a VPS for less than $25 !

Hi there… My SSD did not pass the benchmark too. I’m using Contibo’s basic VPS package with storage Add-on i.e., 400 GB SSD. What package/configuration from Contibo worked for you?