Found a workaround for a nearly instant Arbitrum to BNB or BNB to Arbitrum bridge that costs about $.30 (kind of...)

So I’ve been messing around with a few of the games on, if you haven’t checked them out, they have some interesting things going on… today a new event just launched for their Dragon NFT’s and it’s pretty active right now (as it is everyday). They also have a play to earn system, I’ve been making a few dollars a day between playing games and staking MBOX.

Anyways, to my point. They have an exchange system built into the system, you get an in game wallet (can be accessed through the browser too without going into a game) that you can transfer $MBOX to (it’s the same wallet as Pancake Protectors uses too, so it also accepts $CAKE but I don’t think you can bridge CAKE). You can deposit MBOX in either BNB or Arbitrum, and you can withdraw it in either too regardless of what you deposited (just select “ARB” or “BNB” on the transfer screen) from the browser when you connect your wallet to (you can ONLY transfer out to the original wallet registerd with).

I don’t believe the bridge for ARB is too bad (looks to be about .40 cents), but if you ever find it to be more than a dollar then this method would save you as it only costs 1 MBOX which currently is $0.2978 (only charged for transfer out, only gas fee for transfer in).

Now I realize you likely wouldn’t only be bridging MBOX, but you can use Uniswap for that… it’s a few steps, but it’s been pretty convenient for me a few times as the transfers happen as soon as its confirmed on the blockchain.

If you have any questions or need a hand let me know! If I don’t answer here my name is Lineage03 on all platforms so just hmu. :slight_smile: