LOTTO airdropped thousands of tokens worth ~$75 for each crypto airdrop to encourage new users to participate with their NO ETHREUM GAS FEE crypto lottery?! Let’s review LOTTO!
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Cryptocurrency never stops evolving and with no lose lotteries like Poolin available the interest in crypto lotteries has skyrocketed alongside DeFi Decentralized Finance interest but Ethereum gas fees are simply atrocious, making participation much lower than the actual interest due to transaction fees. and their LOTTO token is aiming to change that with their NO FEE crypto lottery, they have literally coded their crypto lottery into the blockchain. This is a great feature because you automatically participate with their LOTTO lottery without having to spend ETH on transactions that would cost literally hundreds of dollars right now. Let’s review the cheapest lottery to enter ever, LOTTO!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 The NO FEE crypto lottery!
01:36 and their LOTTO token
02:29 How to claim the LOTTO airdrop
02:51 Ethereum gas fees ruin DeFi
03:10 LOTTO Finance Overview
04:07 LOTTO airdrop WARNING
04:31 LOTTO crypto token airdrop
05:17 Opt-out of LOTTO lottery by wrapping
06:14 How to win the LOTTO lottery
07:34 team
08:23 Cryptocurrency scam alert
08:38 Review LOTTO lottery winners
09:22 LOTTO on Etherscan block explorer
10:22 How to buy and sell LOTTO tokens
10:34 LOTTO no free crypto lottery review

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LOTTO finance review and airdrop