Free WL spot to Cyber Wave (2 slots)

If anyone is interested in a free whitelist spot for the Cyber Wave game project, built on Solana, please comment below. The whitelist spot will give you access to their pre-sale on January 25. Presale price is 0.77 SOL, public sale is 0.88 SOL. This is for two minting slots given to ONE person. If you want more information regarding this project I pasted the link to their website down below.

This is only for one white list position. So if only one person comments below that person will get the spot. If multiple people comment below I will hold a quick raffle at 3pm PST.

I’m in if the offer is still open.

I have a couple questions for you. This doesn’t dictate me joining in, just asking.
When you say “two minting spots given to one person” , does that mean I would be obligated to purchase two spots for .77 SOL for a total or 1.59 SOL ?
Are you a part of this project or just an investor?

If this offer is still available, message me and I’ll get right on anything I need to do. I’ve done other SOL pre-pre-sales so I think I have the wallets and such needed.

Nobody replied here soon enough so I gave it away to someone Instagram. But to answer your, it was for two NFT mints for one person, or one designated wallet to be exact. I’m invested in the project, I’m not part of the project itself. If get access to more WL spots I’ll message you and answer any other questions you may have

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Cool. Sorry I was late. But good for you for being in the mix. It ain’t easy to get up to date or Pre-info on many projects. Cheers, maybe I’ll be quicker to the punch next time.