FreedomFi 5G Helium hotspot

So today I got notified that my FreedomFi 5G hotspot reservation is now live and eligible to order. I had reserved one back in April because I figured “why not?”. But I haven’t even received my Nebra 4G hotspots (also ordered in April) and my MNTD blackspots are due to arrive next Monday. So I’m an HNT mining newb.

Basic question . . . has anyone run the math on the FreedomFi 5G to see if it makes sense? When bundled with the indoor small cell radio, it’s a $2.5k commitment. And I would think this bad boy is absolutely going to rip through all the bandwidth that we have with our Xfinity (oh, and just as an aside, xFinity sucks) residential internet connection. I think my plan technically is “unlimited”, but I’d think that Xfinity would pull out some magical bullsh#t legal clause cutting me off if I start consuming 1 Tb/day.

Now if expected average rewards are ~0.5 HNT/day, then maybe it’s worth it. But if 0.05 HNT/day, that’s a different proposition.

And to put my geography in perspective, I’m distinctly suburban (and it’s small city suburban). 4G HNT hotspots are around me, but I wouldn’t say there’s an abundance. So I don’t know how being a 5G HNT hotspot pioneer in my neck of the woods is going to pay.

All insights are welcome! Thanks all.

You are going to be the test pioneer and report back to us. I am on the list of September so I likely wont see 5G until 2022

Aren’t pioneers the ones who get the arrows in the back? :wink: It’s the 2nd wave that gets to plant their flags and stake their claims.

Yeah, I’m not sure. I don’t think I have enough internet bandwidth capacity to support the 5G, not without a serious and expensive service upgrade. I’m just looking to see if anyone has run some numbers or has some strong fact-based opinions

could consider being a pioneer of space. so far no threats from Aliens there. Maybe they dont have 5G to communicate with us.