FreedomFi up and running

I’m ready to go. Hopefully this pans out as my army of helium miners aren’t doing as well as in the past.


Keep us updated with your experience. I’d love to know more!

I’ll check back in a few days with performance and earnings✌🏼


Well, it’s been 2 days and the first day was a payment of 24000 $MOBILE and the second day was 23700 $MOBILE.
Could be good, could be not so good Depending how they figure the $MOBILE per HNT. :v:t3:

Nice! yea, i don’t want 5G waves that close to my skull so not willing to run a hot spot in my living room but also curious to see how that mobile to HNT swap does for the price long term. I dont quite understand the tokenomics on this one.