FS: SoCal - LMR600 (10M) & LMR400 (2M)

Going with a different route on my install. Items are in hand (WILL POST PIC LATER TODAY I PROMISE)

Part Number: LMR-600-NF-SMAMRP-10M
Qty: 3 (New)
Price Each: 100$ obo

LMR-600 Coaxial Cable Assembly, 10 Meters Long, Fitted with N Female and SMA RP Male connectors.
( LMR-600-NF-SMAMRP-10M - McGill Microwave Systems )

Part Number: LMR-400-NF-SMAMRP-2M
Qty: 1 (Used)
Price: 30$ obo

LMR-400 Coaxial Cable Assembly, 2 Meters Long, Fitted with N Female and SMA Male connectors.
( LMR-400-NF-SMAM-2M - McGill Microwave Systems )

Local Pickup preferred, can Ship (I already paid an arm and a leg for the shipping fees from the UK)
Location: Anaheim, CA
Payment: Crypto (BTC only), Paypal, Venmo, Cash