FTX Collapsed and Here's Why

With FTX now filing for bankruptcy with all of its subsidiaries, this week in crypto has taught us a lot. SBF and the FTX mafia have caused immeasurable damage to the crypto ecosystem, FTX US, BlockFi, among hundreds of others are likely insolvent now… Sub - http://voskco.in/Sub

The FTX collapse has affected every aspect of the crypto ecosystem, in what many are dubbing its “contagion.” This painful end has opened the doors to many theories, conspiracies and backdoor tales of mismanagement, deception and outright fraud. Let’s explore some of these theories, check the facts, and find out exactly how we reached this point.

Inspired by Coffeezilla and his FTX Collapsed…Here’s Why

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Bankman-Fried Warns: Some Crypto Exchanges Already “Secretly Insolvent”

FTX’s valuation was absolutely unrealistic -

BlockFi received a $400m FTX credit line, but what now?

The tweet that started it all -

CZ declines the purchase of FTX after checking their financials -

SBF tried to raise $8B to avoid bankruptcy -

Justin Sun talks about assisting FTX -

FTX bailed Alameda Research out?

Why customers no longer trust the FTX Mafia -

FTX was going to create their own stablecoin?! -

Solana DeFi affected by this FTX implosion? -

Dangers of wrapped Solana tokens -

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 FTX: the biggest scam ever
00:23 Some crypto exchanges are insolvent?
01:17 Binance exited FTX equity
02:19 Justin Sun to help FTX?
02:52 The collapse of FTX
06:25 FTX bankruptcy and hack
07:53 BlockFi pauses withdrawals
09:14 The live collapse of Solana and FTX ecosystem
14:32 Factors and signs leading to the collapse of FTX

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Ivy league criminals are backed by Ivy league banksters that steal you money through interest, through taxes to pay the interest to print your money, and propping up criminals like Bankman-Fried