FTX went from being a Crypto Behemoth to a SCAM PONZI - BEWARE

I am sure you’ve heard some of the news by now, but FTX previously viewed as basically a white knight savior of cryptocurrency turned out to be the worst actor in the sector, ever. Please be advised FTX and FTX are not safe to use and VoskCoin does not support, endorse, or recommend FTX or any project, company, or even person, associated with FTX or FTX US.


Absolutely devastating. Really sad that such bad actors infest this space…

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Didn’t see this one coming, even I got trapped into this one.
Really Sad for my lost money and for everyone that got into it, I’m here with you :saluting_face:

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The guy single handedly plotted destruction of whole crypto ecosystem. Can’t trust people who make lotta money and then give it all away I see.

There’s more to this story though.
The SEC and the Democratic Party is behind this ! They are going to use this to “regulate” crypto.

XRP - started by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS in Switzerland)
ETH - started by Wall Street (Headquarter in Basel Switzerland)

an on and on the stories go…

There’s one thing I will never understand though, the incessant cry for regulations !
If I give my money to a Bank and they screw it up, WHO’s to blame ? I am to blame ! Period !
If anyone wants someone else to take care of what they should be doing on their own, then do not
ever cry like a baby, if they screw it up.

The lesson anyone should be learning from this is
Your Money is Your responsibility !
We wouldn’t have this problem, if we all took care of our money ! Because NO ONE will ever do
it for us !

I’m sick and tired of morons who give their money away to others, and then cry like little children,
if they screw it up ! It’s time to grow up ! If you want to be an adult, learn how to take care of your
own money.

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