FYI bitcoin mining tech site is a scam

I tried to process an order via credit card and was notified by my credit card company they took the information and tried to make several other purchases nothing related to my purchase. Stay away it is a scam…


I will agree to this as well. They also have sister or clone sites that look very similar in look. Only difference is their so called location and phone number. is a scam as well.


Dude, appreciate it. I was just about to ask about the site. Too good to be true

Yes there address comes up as a storage rental. That’s true for the clone sites. And the storage rental site is up for sale. Kind of shady, so I passed. The prices are too good to be true.

Thanks for the heads up!

Np all just trying to help out. A guy actually responded to my voicemail which made me feel good about the purchase. He said they took C/C and he would email me. He did, twice. Once for a follow up on the call and once to get my C/C . I heard nothing more till my card company called about delta tickets and a hardware store purchase 3 days later. I have not used that card in 3 months so I know it was definitely them.