Gaming and Mining Motherboard Recommendation

I want to get into the Mining world, I want to buy a good motherboard that can be use for both purpose and allow me to increase video cards if mining become profitable, please advise.

for both is not working you play games 24/7 or you mining 24/7. miner need runing non stop without any other job just mining.example if your pc mining and you use use internet like google,fb or play game you lost your mining shares and reason why most mining rig use mining os as mining os just for mining. my rig is on windows 10 lite edition is means i dont have even internet browser no sound or other programs only mining software

Thanks, Im looking for a Board that I can do both but not at the same time!

you can mining with any motherboard and mininmum 4gb video card. more pci slots your board have more gpu you can plug btw windows 7 recognize just 4-5gpu if you need run more gpu you need windows 10 or mining beter as you can lowering power consumption and more hash rate

any gaming board can mining some gaming boards can run 2-6 gpu but is very expensive.board can cost same like used mining rig

btw i buy mijing rig not so long ago already get back 10%what i pay for rig

@Asiukas6 Thanks, I dont want to go specific to mining fully, just want a good motherboard if mining is not profitable at least I still can use it to play games

The motherboard itself shouldn’t have too big of an impact on gaming/mining. The main thing for mining is having a decent number of slots for video cards or risers. For gaming, as long as the CPU and RAM in it are good, you should be all set.

depending how much cost electric in your country for my is profitable 50/50. build gaming pc for future maybe mining is not worst as you not runing game with 2or 6 gpu as will burn alot power beter is invest your money for nrg staking or other staking, still get almost same profit like using mining rig plus no need to pay for electric consumption. second if you spend alot money for build game/mining rig you just lost money as is no profit.think beter or you wanna build it

is not point made gaming/mining rig if you not mining or mining only when you not play game lkke his will very high power consumption

msi b360 is lga1151 or similar gaming plus can be use for mining 6gpu