Gaming Laptop’s GPU

If a Gaming Laptop had a 3060 GPU for arguments sake, is that GPU any much different from a mining rig or a gaming pc that has a 3060 gou when it comes to mining?

Only because I want to use this gaming laptop for mining when it comes to me at work and for when I am on holiday (vacation). Plus I’d get free electric so that’s profit making from there :wink:

Any suggestions?

I can only tell you what I did. I started mining in June 2021 with my Dell laptop that has an RX 5600M just to test the waters, and I stopped after about 1 mo, because I was reading reports of laptops that burned their GPU. It was getting pretty hot (AMD, Eh?), about 72C, but it did 34MH. So I build a GPU miner after the test with the laptop. I couldn’t manually control the overclocking no matter what I did, it was locked, so probably that’s why was getting hot (shot down a couple of times), so I placed a room fan on it to help. Nice Hash managed to get it better after mining with them. Closest cards I found were RX5500XT (37.65MH) and Vega 56 (36 MH)…my 5600M did 34MH…hope this helps

That would help indeed, I just want to take advantage of mining whilst travelling at the same time.

But apparently according to NiceHash they said if you took the battery out and just plugged via the wall socket, this can help with the heat.

But where there is a will there is a way, it’s not as if there is restricted limitations with mining as there is more ways possible to mine :slight_smile: