Garage hot hot hot - Cooling suggestions?

Hey crypto fam. I am sure I am not the only one but my garage is super hot from mining. I don’t have a window but I will be installing a security door to have some air flow. I was thinking of getting an industrial shop fan or a portable A/C unit. The unit has a reservoir to add water. Is this safe or ideal?


I’m sure someone else with more knowledge will chime in but I read somewhere that AC’s aren’t. Would you use a shop fan to remove hot air or bring fresh air in? What temps are your boards running at?

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I had excess heat issues in the basement room that I use for mining when I first setup my miners. I ended up purchasing a 24" shop fan off of ebay that I put in my wall and it’s helped tremendously. As long as you’ve got a way to bring fresh air in, it pushes over 4200 cfm and with a 2400 square foot house I haven’t needed to turn my AC on once this summer up here in Michigan. It only cost me ~$300 and it has variable speeds.

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How many miners are you running?
How big is your garage?
Are you willing to cut a hole in your wall for an exhaust fan?

What’s your set up look like? I use 8-12” exhaust shutter fans and also run a 24k mini split for times when I cut 50% of my exhaust fans off and run the mini split to help cool the garage down usually gets around 105-115 inside with mini split it’ll go down to 75-80 degrees on 95+ degree outside weather

Thanks for the replies. I have 6 box miners (235w each). Gonna add two KD6 miners. I do not want to cut a hole in my wall. I have a 3 car garage.

youll need to find a way to exhaust the hot air out otherwise itll stay hot in there
if you dont wanna cut a hole in the wall next option could be cut hole in the garage door or just leave the door open to get the heat exhaust out, just sharing personal experience

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another option is immersion cooling asic miner set up

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If you are not going to cut a hole in your wall, then you must install your door in the most ventilated location. And the dust-proof setting is carried out to prevent the backflow of air. Then dust your miner regularly to prevent the miner from running too hot. The best way is to take a water cooling system to cool down.

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ventilation is key! Don’t need a big fan, just a duct fan will work well, but it needs to be pulling the air from the miners and getting it outside. Running AC to cool your miners won’t work, you’ll spend more on electricity to manage that heat load than you’ll make back no matter the miner but especially on the big ones. you’ll fine a huge difference as soon as you get that hot exhaust air duct-ed out.

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A/C may help but only if your garage is well insulated.
Moving hot air out is the key. Here’s my setup (I’m in Florida)… I figured, it’s better to exhaust the hot air through the attic vs. cutting a hole in the wall :wink:

It’s not ideal but definitely helps to manage the heat quite a bit from 4 “big” miners plus another 4 GS “box” miners not pictured here.


You are all correct. I need to take the hot air out with exhaust leading to the outside. When you set it up what is pulling the hot air out? I see the duct work but is there a device that sucks the air out?

Thanks! Appreciate the help.

Two devices actually:
" TerraBloom ECMF-200, Quiet 8" Inline Duct Fan with 0-100% Variable Speed Controller, Air Tight Metal Casing, Energy Efficient EC Motor. Heating, Ventilation and Exhaust Blower For Large Spaces"
" VIVOSUN 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Duct Fan with Variable Speed Controller HVAC Blower for Ventilation"

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