Garden to Farm - Basement GPU mining to working in a GPU MINING FARM

When we started GPU mining towards the end of 2017 we did not think that one day we would have a RGL (remote garden location) for our GPU mining rigs and ASICS let alone get to turn the lights on every morning to an actual GPU MINING FARM. Dreams do come true. Once again the community had very huge help in getting us to this point! Voskcoin as well as many others helped us figure out how to get rigs built and things dialed in over time. You will hear us thank the community quite often. With out the community we would not be here.

One of the first things you learn pretty quick working in an actual mining farm versus working on your own garden is that this is a living, breathing organism. The air flow, the temperatures, the sounds are all quite different as you can hear in our FIRST CHANNEL UPDATE about taking our new position being able to work in an actual GPU MINING FARM. You can hear it in our voice how excited we are to actually be able to work in crypto full time. We still can’t wipe the smile off our face.

We touched, built, and troubleshot more GPU workers (mining rigs) in our first week than we did in the years previous of doing work in our RGL. The things we learned from the team at the mine in the first few days was more than we could ever have imagined. We know how to build a GPU mining rig, we can show people how to mine with different OS, but to see it first hand and how things effect this GPU in real world applications has been amazing.

Building new GPU mining rigs, prepping parts to build those GPU mining rigs, as well as troubleshooting GPU mining rigs can keep our day quite full. Imagine prepping 185 GPU to go into mining rigs. Except these GPU have issues with their original fans. So the route for us is to replace the OEM fans with fans from china. If you notice GPU that look a little different that is why. Something as simple as a zip tie is how we secure them. Prepping risers as well can take time.

We are a fan of making 13 GPU workers now. In the past we had workers of 7 and 8 which we still run. It is just more part efficient to run 13 GPU workers. You are able to use 1 less mobo, 1 less stick of ram, one less cpu as well. The only difference is your frame needs to be larger. We do custom build our frames. We are a large fan of using server PSU now where in the past we did us ATX. The break out boards with the server PSU are just so versatile.

Once we get the GPU mounted to the frame we are able to start getting things wired up. You can see in this episode of WORKER WORK one of these 13 GPU workers on test shortly after being assembled. Sometimes it goes pretty smooth setting up the ASROCK H110 PRO BTC + mobo. Others it takes a little time to get things dialed in. Anything from a loose riser to a miss made power cable can cause all sorts of frustration. With the volume of workers we build we do see everything. We do say everything.

It is very important to make sure you wire things right the first time. Why do you ask. Well as you can see in this episode of WORKER WORK when you are out and about trying to troubleshoot a worker that may be offline or restarting it does make it quicker to trouble shoot which GPU is giving you the issue. Most likely it is the riser. That is the most often fail point we have found over time. One thing is for certain though. Nice cable management in the start saves many hours when trying to deal with the HEX VALUES.

Speaking of HEX VALUES… just trying to figure out the HEX VALUES on one mobo can be frustrating. We have to do it on multiple different mobos as well as when some GPU or risers are faulty or not connecting they can change those HEX VALUES. Talk about pulling out your hair. Just one of the many reasons why cable management is important.

If we are not spending time getting parts ready for our next build or getting parts prepped for servicing workers we do spend a lot of times down the multiple rows of the GPU mining farm. Some of this time is spent trying to figure out what worker is doing what or why several workers are not hashing. Other times we do take a few seconds to stop, smile, and show support to other mining members in the community. You hear us talk about the community A LOT. That is because this community is amazing at helping people. The wealth of knowledge passed is quite amazing.

We do get some work done as well. Lots and lots of work to be done. Some times it is something as simple as a riser. Others it could be something as simple as the riser pad falling on the cpu fan. Others it may take a restart or more. The one thing that is important though is this… keep the most amount of workers hammering away and get the ones that are down up as fast as possible. Just as it is important in the home mine to keep hashing we need to do the same thing.

Other things that were mind blowing that you just can’t explain with pictures is the exhaust system. The amount of air moving through this farm is just phenomenal. At times you feel like you may get sucked right out. Other times your hat gets blown off between going from one room to another. If you are not careful doors will get sucked shut and slam very hard.

Being able to bring these different sights and sounds to has been a blessing as well. I do want to thank the AMAZING TEAM that brought me in to work with them. We never would have thought watching VOSK’s videos and helping others learn would be training us for what we get to do today. We also want to thank the guys at the farm for having us. They have taught us more than we would have thought in such a short time. THANK YOU TEAM!!

It is easy to get lost in the isle. Seeing GPU workers stacked to the ceiling can be overwhelming. We do have a map system in place to help keep track of things. As we discussed this GPU MINING FARM is a living organism. It is also a work in progress and as we learn we also adjust. Different things like power load on a PDU or breaker can change how we build our rows. It can also change how we plan for expansion as well as re arranging the farm for better air flow or electric load.

I would have expected it to be much warmer in the FARM. Even in winter. Now don’t get me wrong it does get real warm real quick if the exhaust fans are not running but needing to wear a sweatshirt or hoodie during the majority of the work day was quite a shock. We have been able to sport more of our own swag as well as others from the community. Being full time all the time in crypto has been a dream for some time. We can’t wait for our latest gear from VoskCoin gets here so we can get it into the mine as well!

It has been quite an adjustment going from a gardener to a farmer. We are still learning new tricks of the trade on a day to day basis but the relationships we have been building over time have been quite the godsend. We are now able to do things in the space we would never have imagined and get talk about and trying things that were only in our dreams. We are very excited to be able to bring OC settings as well as different brand of GPUs to our videos. We will also be able to test new miners as well as all the hardware we can get our hands on. We also get to share all of that with you!!

I am very excited to be able to bring you the community along with us on this amazing ride. We will continue to get how to videos out and talk about other things in the space that have to do with GPU mining. We will also be able to bring you videos like our GPU MINING AFTER DARK series. We look forward to getting LIVE STREAMS UP as well as doing some of our GPU WORKER builds LIVE. Once again I can’t thank the team enough for allowing us to do this! We still can’t wipe that smile off our face.

It will be very important to follow this thread as we will be continuing to update you via GPU MINING FARM TOURS. We will update it as often as we can. There is a lot coming down the pipeline that we can’t wait to explore with you. If you like these types of things make sure to follow our YouTube CHANNEL to keep up with all our shenanigans. Also please make sure you check out some of our other posts here on VOSKCOINTALK. We have a lot of fun doing what we do as well as sharing the things we experience. You will also want to check out our first GPU MINING FARM TOUR video listed below.


That is awesome my brother!

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Thank you!

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Your farm looks like a space ship keep it up :+1:

Nice setup!!! Would you happen to be able to share dimensions of the rig frames? Can’t find any at a decent price so might as well build them myself.