Gekko science miners

anyone have any real world experience with the gekko science miners ?

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Depending on what model you’re talking about. They are outdated.
I currently run a Gekko USB miner.(gets about 1-3 cents per day, not “earns” , It cost more to run)
All I really find is UBS stick miners and the R909 . Both are old and outdated, likely never to ROI.

In 2017 both of those miners rocked. So unless you’re looking at or referring to a newer miner, look somewhere else. Because the company is only 2 people and have not made a website in the last 7 years, I doubt they are making new competitive models.

Plenty of other comparable priced miners are available that are much more viable. Any of the new (2022-23’ish) Mini miners will out-mine Gekko hands down. I won’t list any one specifically, but other post/threads here talk about them constantly, they are a hot topic currently.

Then comes the issue that Gekko require a 24/7 computer Or Raspberry Pi. If you have a free Pi or Comp, you might profit more doing node mining.

So what model are you referring to? If it’s a new model, I’d love to see a link. I kind of wish Gekko Science was still producing, they are OG and earned our respect.

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Spot on.

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I’ll throw two cents at the wall. They are cool and fun to start out on. They will teach you what you need at a cheap price. At least when I bought them they were cheap, like super cheap. I ran them making a few cents a day on ZergPool for whatever coin I wanted to be paid out in by mining BCH. Now I’ve moved on to bigger miners and I put them on solo CK Pool and left them be. Will you get rich absolutely not, will you learn on a cheap miner so you don’t bork an S9, yes. They really don’t drink any electric but also aren’t power houses to make you rich.