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What would be more profitable to have 150 ANTMINER S19 PRO 110TH miners or 70 ANTMINER S19XP 141TH miners

Depends on the power rate… Like a lot

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Ok that’s a question also what’s my best power options if I’m going to buy 50+ miners am I better off letting someone host them or paying someone to team up and getting a container and building a big enough solar farm to even the power bill

Ok what about power is not a problem it’s 100%solar

The most important factor is you electric rate. That tells you if you can be profitable after the halving even if the price of BTC doesn’t rise as expected. So you’d need to know your expected blended electric rate from the solar farm to be able to compare to a hosting facility.

Obviously as well as your capex from the solar.

I guess I’m just confused on how the hosting works and what minners give me the most profit Is it worth it someone else hosing my machines or would it be better if I buy my own container and solar farm were everything eventually evens out and becomes profitable

A solar farm would cost to much to build.

Lets say you had 70 S19XP’S, you would use around 210.7 kw per hour. Which would mean that you would need around 5620, 300 watt solar panels at 4 hours of direct sunlight per day.

And lets say each panel would cost you around $200 @5620 panels, you would need about 1,124,000 just for the panels.

Then you would have to spend much more for things like the storage of the electric, the wiring, land, it really does not make sense.

If anything it would make more sense to find a town or area with cheap electric near you (maybe an hour away) and build their.

But the whole build for the 70 miners would cost way over 2 million (not including the miners), while ypu could find an area with 5 cent rate, and pay around 252 dollars a day in electric. Which would be around 92,000 per year.

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Thank you that helped clear up a few things

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To find profitable miners use

You can put in your electric rate and it shows you where to buy them, how much they make, and how much they cost to run.

Also hosting works by giving a company your miners, but you pay the electric rate they are offering. Most commonly 8 to 9 cents. Then you pay some fees, sign a contract.

Then they hook up your miners, mine to your wallet and you pay for the electric.

But you have to be careful, as many hosting companies are scams.

Whatever you decide to do, the safest bet is to host your own miners in your facility and mine to your own wallet.

You could go with some kind of solar power, but in reality it’s so damn expensive. It’s not just the panels either. There’s solar charge controllers, batteries, and then some electrician that’s gonna charge you too much and then tell everyone in town what you’re up to.

My opinion, If you have a good electric rate, make your own facility. It’s worth it. If you know a guy, host with him. But anything else, might as well buy the coin. If you’re mining it with hopes it appreciates, buying with hopes it appreciates will save you a lot of effort.

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