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You can seriously collect $37 dollars for FREE just by interacting with an exciting Ethereum project, they’re airdropping FREE Badger tokens worth ~$12 per coin to Gitcoin Grant donors - Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Some people think there is no free lunch, but in crypto that’s not always true there have been times literally just get FREE MONEY – but how?? Today we review the latest cryptocurrency airdrop, which is basically where a crypto project gives away their tokens for free as part of a marketing initiative and in the past this has been incredibly successful for example when Uniswap airdropped UNI tokens and rewarded people with hundreds or even thousands of dollars just for using their decentralized exchange! Today we are reviewing the newest Decentralized Finance DeFi token to launch, Badger and Badger DAO which offers yield farming, liquidity mining, staking, and some other crazy DeFi stuff but at a minimum, why not collect some free coins?!

Badger the exciting new DeFi token that you can yield farm and stake -
The initial Badger DAO ETH DeFi token airdrop -
The Badger Gitcoin grant donor airdrop 3 minimum -
Badger WBTC Uniswap pairing - main liquidity -
Badger token to USD on Coingecko -

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00:00 Get $37 for FREE with this new DeFi Crypto airdrop!
02:12 Badger DAO $badger token airdrop to Gitcoin grant donors
06:07 Sponsor - Cryptoenter and their LION token
07:57 Badger token is up 95% in the last 7 days
08:25 What is the Badger token and their Setts, SuperSetts and stake?
12:42 New DeFi token Badger is a great crypto airdrop opportunity

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Super solid team, Personally know 3 of the 4 founders. This project is so golden. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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Share some details then! :smiley:

I bought 12.00 in eth and 10 dollars in dai. Tried to give vosk 1 dai on each of his projects. After I moved it to meta mask I didn’t have enough eth to cover gas fees. They wanted 9.35 american in gas fees.

I wanted to contribute but it’s just not happening. Good luck vosk

Also this was my first time using eth, I didn’t like it any way. It feels like your throwing money down a well and the well keeps yelling more. I tried to trade some dai for eth in meta mask and lowest price was 27 dollars. How is anyone actually using this? Who would ever buy anything with eth? After using it I can’t believe the eth craze going on right now. Those gas fees have to be fixed or eth had no real future.

Love the youtube channel.

Badger is basically Uniswap but instead of using the ETH platform its all for BTC. using WBTC, synthetics (SBTC) and Renbtc, as LP thru their DAO token Badger. It still relatively new out not even 4 months. They are in deep with all the big players I recommend DYOR. Been in since late Sept.
I am a heavy DEGEN maximalist, I attend and participate in many global Defi/blockchain/hackatons conferences.

They had a brief partnership with Pickle and Yam but after that tanked a bit they decided they really didnt need them. This project is goin to blow away Pickle and Yam. This is a freight train with no brakes, its paving the way to bring BTC to Gitcoin and bridging the gap between BTC and ETH blockchain ecosystem making a synergy between the two blockchains. They are partnered with Gitcoin and everyone in that space is giving them kudos. Defi is getting bigger than before (this Summer) but less hype now and more substance. Players in the space aren’t biting on rug pulls and anonymous projects. Its adapting fast, play time is over.

This project is a table with 8 legs. Its an Audited project which now a days that’s make or break. no rug pulls, no funny business here, the Founders are DEFI guys. Real people, straight up people. I can only count on my hand the projects that I think are going to last into 2021 and beyond. This is one of them NO DOUBTS.

Ill give you my allstar Defi list.

PieDAO Pool Management
DODO - Your on-chain liquidity provider.
DefiDollar - The Future of Stablecoins
CORE Vault v1.21
Idle | Always the best yield, with no effort
TokenSets – Crypto Management Made Easy
Aavegotchi DeFi-Staked Crypto Collectibles

professional DEFI management tool

Hope this helps,
Cheers :+1:


Since you like Defi and Reward cards, look at this. Don’t get too excited now. :rofl: